Traffic Signal Repairs - Main Street at Lincoln Ave


The traffic signal repair project at the intersection of Main Street and Lincoln Avenue will upgrade all the signal poles, pedestrian push buttons, traffic lights and video detection system. Work also includes upgrading two ramps to meet Americans Disability Act (ADA) and a new traffic signal controller to improve signal timing. The upgraded equipment will allow for the intersection to be synchronized with other signals in the corridor as part of future signal programming work.  

Estimated project cost: $425,000

Estimated project schedule: 

Planning: Fall 2019  |  Design: Fall 2020  |   Construction: Spring 2021

Main St looking north at intersection
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April 2021New signals are up, but not activated. Contractor will be working on completing concrete work. Continue to use caution while driving through the area.   

March 2021 - Project construction has started. Estimated project completion is end of June 2021.  The intersection will remain open to traffic throughout the project, but traffic delays are anticipated in the area as work proceeds. Use caution while driving through the area. 

February 2021 - Project was awarded to Mike Brown Electric Co. from Cotati, CA at City Council's December 15, 2020 meeting. Project construction will begin late February/early March.