Vine Trail Gap Closure - Soscol Ave. Corridor


Vine Trail Gap Closure

The Vine Trail Gap Closure Project consists of constructing the missing gap in the Vine Trail Class I Multi-Use Trail between Third Street and Vallejo Street.

The project's scope of work includes constructing an asphalt path between Vallejo Street and Soscol Avenue (running along the railroad tracks); widening the existing sidewalk (either east or west) along Soscol Avenue; installing curb ramps; installing railroad warning signals; adjusting existing utilities conflicting with the new trail by either raising them to grade, removing or relocating them and placing new striping and signage.

Estimated project cost: $1,140,000

Estimated project schedule: Planning: Spring 2018  |  Design: 2018-2020  |   Construction: Summer 2021

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April 2021 - Bidding for this project is closed. Staff will evaluate and review submitted bids. Apparent low bidder is Ghilotti Bros., Inc. of San Rafael, CA.  

March 2021 - Project design is complete and project advertising has begun.