Solar PV

Residential Solar & Battery Backup systems are available for over-the-counter by walk-in Monday-Thursday between 8:30am-3:30pm currently. 

Commercial Solar systems are available for submittal  Monday-Thursday between 8:30am-3:30pm currently. 

When you come into our office have the following information available: 

*Address of project/s so we can verify they are in City limits and not the County

*Confirm you have an active City of Napa Business license as no permits can be issued without.

For your appointment please have the following:

*1 application per project

* 2 full sets of plans (for residential) and 3 full sets of plans (for commercial) per project that include : Title Page, Site Plan, Structural Calculations, Single Line Electrical, Attachment Details, and Footing Details (Ground Mounted Systems) as well as copies of cut sheets (for all equipment being installed)

*A physical copy or one on an electronic device of the signed contract with the home owner

*All revisions require the original job approved set of plans with the new plans

  1. Building Division

    Physical Address
    1600 First Street
    Napa, CA 94559

  2. Inspection Line

    Phone: 707-257-1063 (Automated)

  3. Permit Techs

    General Email

  4. Vincent Caballero

    Building Inspector

  5. Terri Ritchie

    Permit Technician

  6. Taylor Tobler

    Building Inspector

  7. Jason Williams

    Chief Building Official

  8. Trevor Slevin

    Building Plans Examiner

  9. Stephen Dudla

    Building Inspector

  10. Jackson Willoughby

    Building Inspector