Zoning Information

The City of Napa’s zoning district boundaries are depicted on a fixed map and can now be looked up using a new, GIS-based portal. You are encouraged to contact the Planning Division at 707-257-9530 with zoning questions.

GIS-based Zoning Map

Zoning Map

Fixed Zoning Map (does not include zoning overlays)

Link to fixed map: https://www.cityofnapa.org/DocumentCenter/View/5460/Zoning--Base-Districts-PDF?bidId=

Zoning Regulations

Once the zoning district is identified, specific details regarding zoning regulations such as setbacks, height limits, allowed uses, etc are available in Title 17 of the Napa Municipal Code:=

Link to NMC: http://qcode.us/codes/napa/


The zoning information in eTRAKiT is not accurate. However, this information source provides information about properties and permit status and is therefore a useful resource.

Link to eTRAKiT: https://etrakit.cityofnapa.org/etrakit/