Addressing- New or Changes

Please use the following steps bellow to start the research for a new address or changes to an existing address

  1. Fill out the "Change of Address Form" City of Napa-Change of Address Form
  2. Include a letter signed by the legal parcel owner explaining the need for the address and what the suggestion/s for it to be
  3. Either email the letter or bring it in person to the Public Works Department 
    1. If you email it send it to:, [email protected]   and [email protected]
    2. Email subject: Address Change for (insert address or APN)
  4. There is a $130 application fee due before the City will begin the research process. We can take checks by mail or in person we can take a physical credit card or check
  5. There may be additional charges before the process is over depending on the involvement of other departments and research involved.