Street Banner Program


The City utilizes banners in the Downtown Banner Area to promote the following:

  • Cultural facilities open to the public;
  • Designated geographical districts or areas, or key gateways;
  • Holiday or annual seasons;
  • Marketing opportunities for the downtown;
  • Similar events, activities or geographic area designations; and
  • Special community events.

All banner messages must adhere to the City's Street Banner Policy and Program Guidelines.  


Banners may be used to promote community events and events that are open to the public. The City does not allow banners to be used to promote activities or events that are not open to the public or any activity for which the City is precluded from spending public funds (such as political campaigns or religious messages).  

Permit Process

Organizations must submit a completed banner application to the Economic Development Division.  If approved, the application is forwarded to the Public Works Department, who will charge a fee to issue the banner encroachment permit.  

Types of Banners

There are two types of banners that are open for eligible and permitted public use:

  1. Horizontal Street Banners which span across the street at Third and Burnell Streets, and 
  2. Vertical Pole Banners which hang on street poles in the Downtown Napa and the Oxbow District. 

Both types of banners can be utilized by the public if eligibility and program requirements are met.  For more information on the two types of banners, and how to apply, please click on the desired tab below.

  1. Vertical Banners
  2. Horizontal Banners

About the Vertical Pole Banner Program

There are two types (and sizes) of vertical banners within Downtown Napa:

  • Cobra-head Light Pole banners (30 inch by 84 inch)
  • Victorian Light Pole banners (18 inch by 36.5 inch)

The maximum time limit for banners on City light poles is based upon the purpose and promotional focus of the banners. Banners with general promotional messages or designated geographic areas relating to the downtown, (e.g., “Do Napa”) will not have specific time limits, but will be subject to scheduling and requests on a first-come, first-served basis. Vertical pole banners that promote a specific event or date-specific activities are limited to 30 days.

Banner Reservations and Applications

The City will consider applications for reservations for vertical street banners on a first-come-first-serve basis. You may fill out the Vertical Banner Application online. 

Vertical Banner Specifications

Design Requirements

  • Vertical banners on Victorian or Cobra-head poles shall meet the following requirements:
  • Banner fabric shall be durable and weather resistant, to include substantial material such as cloth or canvas.
  • Banners shall be two-sided with information contained on both sides.
  • Banner messages should be brief, and text font size and style should be sufficient for maximum visibility; small print is ineffective.
  • Banner graphics and text may look large up close, but once installed, can appear diminutive.
  • Graphic elements should be incorporated into the banner design, generally representing not less than one-third of the area of banners on City light poles and one-fifth of the area of banners spanning City streets.
  • New banner colors should be compatible with existing banner colors, but should differentiate from existing banners to encourage design interest.
  • As a general rule, bold colored backgrounds with light-colored letters are easier to read than the reverse. Also, because banners are required to be printed on both sides, darker/bolder colored fabrics prevent text from showing through to the reverse side of the banner when banners are backlit by the sun.
  • Banners on City light poles shall meet the following additional requirements:
  • Banner size requirements shall be 84” tall by 30” wide for the “Cobra-style” poles and 36.5” tall by 18” wide on the “Victorian-style” poles.

Banners may not be installed without first receiving an encroachment permit from the Public Works Department.

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