Legionella - What You Need to Know

The City of Napa Water Division is Committed to Quality:

Our highly trained chemists, and licensed water treatment operators consistently monitor the water we serve—throughout our system, every day of the year.

As it relates to the recent occurrence of Legionnaire’s disease in Napa, we understand there may be some concerns about the safety of your drinking water provided by the City of Napa. 

Legionella grows in stagnant water that has no disinfection.  

The tap water delivered to your home travels in buried pressurized pipes, is constantly moving and has detectable residual chlorine. Disinfectant levels are continuously monitored at the treatment plants and are verified at locations throughout the pipe network as it travels to you, our customers. For the City of Napa, the presence of residual chlorine verifies our systems are disinfected. 

We have worked with Napa County Public Health since the onset of this outbreak to provide additional information to eliminate the City municipal water system as the potential source of the outbreak.