Targeted Speed Enforcement


Targeted speed enforcement is a tool to reduce unsafe speeds and driver behavior. “Targeted” implies selectivity when choosing a focus location, typically where high speeds coincide with high non-auto volumes, such as within a downtown area or within a school zone. Enforcement can be performed through the use of a portable speed radar device that measures and displays a motorist’s speed, or the physical presence of a police officer at the location.


    Reducing speeding.

    Enhances pedestrian and bicycle safety.

    Low cost and fast to implement.


    Localized benefits.

    Little or no lasting benefit once removed.

    Based on compliance with speed limit, not the desired operating speed of the street.

    Enforcement is not zero tolerance and depends on officer’s discretion.

    Community members may be angry when they themselves receive citations and may demand neighborhood enforcement to cease.


    School Zones.

    Residential and Collector Streets.

    Locations with significant non-auto volume.