TID FY 23-24 Call for Funding Requests

The Napa Tourism Improvement District Local Governing Committee (Napa TID) provides grant funding to events, organizations and projects that enhance the experience of visitors to the City of Napa resulting in extended hotel stays and repeat visitation, all while promoting the beneficial impact that tourism and hospitality have on the local community.  

Previous grant awards have ranged from $5,000-$200,000. Examples include: 

  • $200,000 to the Napa Lighted Arts Festival 
  • $25,000 to the Napa County Historical Society to promote historical tourism 
  • $65,000 to the Napa Valley Film Festival 
  • $5,000 to the Downtown Napa Association for an ambassador program 

If you have a project that meets the TID’s objectives, we invite you to apply for grant support for fiscal year 2023/2024. Applications are due March 24th, 2023. Applications received after the deadline will be considered on a rolling basis. Selected applicants may be invited to present to the TID Committee at a future meeting.

Funding Objectives:  To enable, support, and enhance the creation and operation of activities and tools that result in increased visitation, extended overnight stays, and repeat visitation to lodging properties in the City of Napa. 

Examples include (but are not limited to):  

  • Local special event programming, underwriting and promotion. 
  • Community and cultural arts programming activities, such as music on the plaza, movie nights, sculpture walks, film festivals, etc. 
  • Tourism related streetscape enhancement and maintenance or visitor-serving improvements.  
  • Seasonal and other tourism and visitor related programs.  
  • Local tourism shuttle or other visitor transportation programs.  
  • Seed funding for community-based programs which support or enhance tourism.  
  • Trails, pedestrian paths, signage, bike paths, etc. which enhance and improve upon the visitor experience and access to lodging properties.  
  • Enhanced maintenance and custodial municipal services to tourism-related areas.  

Apply below!

Background:  The Napa Valley Tourism Improvement District (NVTID) was created in 2010 and is funded through a 2% assessment on short-term (30 days or less) room rentals in lodging businesses throughout the Napa Valley. The intent of the assessment is to support local activities and projects that promote, support, and enhance tourism while providing a public benefit. The Napa Tourism Improvement District Local Governing Committee (Napa TID) oversees 25% of the expenditure of funds generated locally by the City of Napa’s lodging establishments and directs the expenditure of those funds to benefit the payors. 

The Napa Valley is well-known globally as a premier destination, and the Napa TID is committed to leverage this position to strategically market the City of Napa’s many unique features and experiences.  

The members of the Napa TID are: 

  • Chair, Michael Collins, Archer Hotel  
  • Co-Chair, Sara Brooks, Napa River Inn 
  • Chair-Elect, Jenny Toomer, River Terrace Inn 
  • Member, Choolwe Kalulu, The McLelland House 
  • Member, Ed Gannon, Stanly Ranch 
  • Member, At-Large, Craig Smith, Downtown Napa Association 
  • City Representative, Julie Lucido, Public Works Director

Direct any questions about this grant process to Jennifer Owen at the City of Napa:  [email protected].