Vehicle Tow off of Private Property

Napa Police cannot assist with the warning or removal of any abandoned vehicles on private property. We cannot tow any vehicles from your driveway or parking lot. 

You are welcome to call our Dispatch and ask them to check the license plate, if you suspect the vehicle may be stolen. In those rare cases, they will let you know right away, and have an officer dispatched to the vehicle as soon as one is available.

It's the private property owner's responsibility to post signage and tow vehicles accordingly.  

In order to tow a vehicle from a private property (including residential parking lots or commercial parking lots) you must have the required signage with all the necessary parking restrictions/tow information. 

Remember, you should have an agreement in place with a towing company, and the vehicles can only be towed to a location within a 10-mile radius. Review all information as specified on the California Vehicle Code below to ensure you are following all rules and regulations.
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