Economic Development Division


The City of Napa Economic Development Division is committed to facilitating developer opportunities, business attraction, retention, and expansion. These activities help establish strong relationships with our valued local companies and development partners so the City can be more proactive and responsive to their needs.  Economic development is one of the tools the City of Napa uses to ensure the quality of life and economic health of the city. 

Napa: A Place to Do Business

Napa is a great place to do business, and has been since the late 1800's. Check out the videos below, which celebrate Napa's history as an economic hub, as well as two local businesses that are part of two growing sectors of our local economy.

Economic Development Division Focus Areas

  • providing resources and information to developers, businesses, and the general public;
  • developer recruitment, business attraction, retention, and expansion;
  • public-private partnerships with non-profits, property owners, and developers;
  • quality infrastructure and “creative place-making;" and
  • cooperative tourism marketing and management.