Affordable Housing Development

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CDBG Disaster Recovery Multifamily Housing Program Funding Opportunity

The City of Napa and County of Napa each received federal CDBG Disaster Recovery funds through the State of California in response to the 2017 wildfires. The City and County are seeking proposals from developers to create affordable rental housing, primarily in the 94558 zip code. They have jointly issued a Notice of Funding Availability. For additional information, please see the Notice of Funding Available. Any developer interested in applying for funding should complete and submit an application, along with all required supporting documentation to the City of Napa Housing Division. For more information, please see the NOFA or contact Lark Ferrell, Housing Manager at [email protected].

Providing Assistance

The Housing Authority assists the City of Napa in promoting the development of affordable housing by working with housing developers interested in providing affordable housing within the City of Napa. Staff are available to discuss project proposals with developers in the early planning stages of a development in order to assist the developer in creating viable and innovative solutions to providing affordable housing.

Additionally, the Housing Authority will assist both non-profit housing developers and for-profit developers with obtaining necessary funding for affordable housing developments. There are several projects in the City of Napa that were created due to the partnerships formed between the Housing Authority and the developer, with the Housing Authority issuing Revenue Bonds to assist with the financing of the projects. A Notice of Funds Available (NOFA) will be issued when funding is available in the Affordable Housing Trust Fund.

City of Napa Impact Fee Ordinance

In 1999, the City of Napa adopted an Inclusionary Housing ordinance, requiring that affordable housing be included in new housing development. The ordinance also required payment of an impact fee on most non-residential or commercial development. In 2012 this was converted to an affordable housing impact fee.

Both residential and commercial developments now pay a fee. Fees collected are placed in the City of Napa’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund. Trust Funds are then used to further the goal of providing affordable housing by leveraging other local, State and Federal funds. View the affordable housing impact fee rates (PDF).

Concessions & Incentives

The City of Napa also offers various concessions and incentives to developers willing to provide affordable housing units within their developments. Concessions and incentives are listed under Section 15.94.050F of the Napa Municipal Code. 

For more information regarding the requirements of the Affordable Housing Impact Fee Ordinance, contact the Affordable Housing Programs section at 707-257-9547. Our Housing Manager, Lark Ferrell, can also be reached by email.

Affordable Housing Income, Rent and Purchase Price Limits

2021 Affordable Income Limits and Rental Rates (PDF)

2021 Income Limits and Affordable Purchase Prices (PDF)

Assembly Bill 987 (AB 987)

Pursuant to Assembly Bill 987 (AB987) enacted by the California State Legislature, California Redevelopment Agencies were required to publish and annually update a database of affordable housing units funded through the Low and Moderate Income Housing Fund.

View the City of Napa’s database (XLS) which lists the ownership and rental housings units that the Redevelopment Agency of the City of Napa acquired, developed or rehabilitated through this funding source.