Overview of Our Programs

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In serving Napa’s housing requirements, the City of Napa Housing Division and Housing Authority of the City of Napa administer a variety of programs, with the recommendations and approval of the City Council or the City of Napa Housing Authority Board. The Housing Staff work with local organizations to develop innovative approaches for the growing housing needs of Napa Valley.

First Time Homebuyer Programs

The City of Napa offers Down Payment Assistance to first time homebuyers to purchase their first home.  The program is funded by grants received from the State of California's Department of Housing and Community Development and on average, assists 8 families each year.

Housing Rehabilitation Programs

Funded through the Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG), City of Napa operates programs to rehabilitate homes for low income households.  This includes the Owner-occupied Rehabilitation Loan Program which provides 0% deferred loans to low income homeowners and the Emergency Repair Grant Program which provides grants of up to $5,000 for emergency home repairs. The City also operates a Rental Rehabilitation Program to help fund improvements to units rented by low income households and an Accessibility Grant Program to fund accessibility improvements for low-income renters.

Non-Profit Capital Improvement Program

Another program funded through the City’s CDBG program, this program offers funding assistance and project oversight to local non-profit agencies to rehabilitate non-profit agency facilities and housing units that serve very low and low income City residents.  

Napa County Continuum of Care Strategy for the Homeless

The City and the Housing Authority Participate in the Napa Continuum of Care (COC), a consortium of non profit and government agencies which provide homeless services to people experiencing homelessness in Napa County.  The County acts as the administrative agency for the COC.

Affordable Housing Development

The City of Napa Housing Division oversees programs to increase and preserve affordable housing in the City of Napa. These programs vary annually regarding the number of persons served or annual budget figures.

  • The Housing Division manages the City's affordable housing trust fund, funded through impact fees paid by both residential and commercial development in the City of Napa. This fund is used to create additional affordable housing in the City of Napa by leveraging funding from other sources, such as State and Federal programs.
  • The Housing Division provides ongoing monitoring of affordable housing projects.
  • The Housing Division staff also assists developers in the land use process and financing of affordable housing projects including working with Planning Division staff on density bonuses. 
  • Housing Division staff oversees the City’s land banking program, which allows the City of Napa to purchase land for future affordable housing development.
  • The Housing Division oversees the City's 1% Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) which is levied on hotel visitors and funds the development of affordable and workforce housing.

Junior Unit Initiative Program

The City recently launched the Junior Unit Initiative program to encourage the creation of accessory dwelling units, including junior units, separate units carved out from one or more bedrooms in a single family home and conversion ADUs, created from the conversion of an accessory structure, including a garage, into an ADU.  The City provides financing in the form of forgivable and deferred loans to homeowners who create junior units through this program and agree to make either the ADU or the primary unit an affordable rental unit.  Learn more about the program here.

  1. Rental Assistance Programs

Section 8 Housing choice Voucher Program

Provides rental assistance to approximately 1,100 households each year.

Family Self-Sufficiency Program

This program offers Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program holders an opportunity to become self sufficient by assisting with the development of a five year family plan that will increase the family’s income through education and work training. As the family’s income rises, the portion of rent paid by the Housing Authority decreases, with the reduction amount being placed in an escrow account for the family upon completion of the family plan. The program currently assists up to 50 households.

Laurel Manor Senior Rental Complex

The Housing Authority owns a 50 unit senior housing complex, Laurel Manor. The apartments house low income seniors.

Shelter Plus Care Program

The Shelter Plus Care Program is a rental assistance program available to homeless, disabled individuals. Shelter Plus Care requires supportive services be provided to the clients by a referring supportive service agency. The Program is a component of the Napa County Continuum of Care Strategy for the Homeless assists approximately nine households.

Mainstream Voucher Program

The Mainstream Voucher Program provides rental assistance to non-elderly persons with disabilities, including those who are either homeless or at-risk of homelessness.

Participants in this program receive both a rental subsidy and supportive services.  This program assists 45 individuals.