Authorized Purchases

A purchase order issued by the Purchasing Services Division is the authorization for a vendor to accept an order and deliver the requested goods and/or services. Vendors providing sales or services to the City should ensure they are issued an approved purchase order before proceeding to meet the requested needs. Responding to such requests without an authorized purchase order is done at the vendor’s own risk.

Our "Competitive Process"

It is City policy to pursue the “best” competitive price, which includes consideration of delivery and quality. Make your sale investment wisely. Sometimes a seller will expend considerable time and money in presenting his product to the City.

If you do this, remember that the purchase is generally made through a competitive process and what you spend for expensive designs, demonstrations, layouts, etc., does not guarantee a sale. The help you give the City in developing a purchase request, although sincerely appreciated, cannot be considered when the final purchase decision is made.