Permits & Licenses

The City of Napa issues a variety of permits, licenses and certificates. Permits and licenses are also issued by the County of Napa, State of California and other public agencies. The information pertains to permits and licenses issued by the City for activities within the City limits, except where noted.

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Amplified Music Permit

View information on the amplified music permit.

Banner Permit

Updated January, 2014: The City of Napa has adopted new Downtown Napa Street Banner Policy and Program Guidelines (PDF) setting forth the process for installing banners on downtown light poles. The banner program is a public/private effort which supports local business and non-profit community events, provides information to the public, denotes special areas of Downtown Napa, and visually enhances the overall streetscape.

The policy is being implemented to facilitate coordination among organizations wishing to install banners promoting their events. The policy applies to Victorian poles, cobra-head poles, and the two locations where banners can be hung across the street to advertise events, at Third Street and Burnell, and Main Street and Pearl. A map of banner pole locations is included in the policy and application guidelines.

There is no charge for the banner permit, but it is only available to non-profit organizations. Persons interested in the banner permit may obtain an application by clicking the link above. Permit applications may be submitted to the Economic Development Division of the Community Development Department. You can also view the horizontal banner application (PDF).

Birth Certificate

The City of Napa does not provide birth certificates. This document can be obtained from the Napa County Recorder-County Clerk.

Building Permit

Visit the City of Napa's Building Division page. .

Burglar Alarm Permit

Find for more information on the Burglar Alarm permit.

Business License

Doing business in Napa? For information on how to renew or apply for a business license and how to start your business in the City of Napa, visit the Business License page

Card Room Dealer

To obtain a Card Room Dealer permit, complete the permit application and pay the required fees. The permit application is available from the City of Napa Collections Department - inquire at the Collections window in the north wing of City Hall. Note: Completion of the permit application along does not constitute issuance of the permit.

Concealed Weapons Permit

A Concealed Weapons Permit is issued by the Police Department. View more information.

Death Certificate

The City of Napa does not provide death certificates. This document can be obtained from the Napa County Recorder-County Clerk.

Driver's license

Driver's licenses are not issued by the City of Napa - they are obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Dog license

Dog licenses are not issued by the City of Napa. The City contracts with the County of Napa to provide all Animal Control functions. Check out more information on dog licenses.