Policy Resolutions

City resolutions that have general applicability throughout the City are collected and codified in the City's Policy Resolutions.


Resolution Documents
Policy Coverage
Policy Resolution 1 (PDF)
Regarding the issuance of building permits only after the applicant displays a sewer permit
Policy Resolution 2 (PDF) Use of city administrative buildings and meeting rooms
Policy Resolution 3 (PDF) City participation in street frontage movements
Policy Resolution 4 (PDF) Governmental information study areas
Policy Resolution 5 (PDF) Managerial and/or confidential positions for employer-employee relations
Policy Resolution 6 (PDF) Use and retention of City Council meeting recording tapes
Policy Resolution 7 (PDF) Water service to land not within the city limits and approval authority
Policy Resolution 8 (PDF) Implementation of the special residential designation of the 1982 General Plan
Policy Resolution 10 (PDF) Norms of operation and rules of order and procedure for city established boards, commissions and committees
Policy Resolution 11 (PDF) City requirements for contractual indemnification
Policy Resolution 12 (PDF) Petty Cash Fund
Policy Resolution 13 (PDF) Processing applications for outside water service
Policy Resolution 14 (PDF) Candidate's statements, candidate indigency, recounts and filing fee for municipal petitions, in connection with the conduct of municipal elections
Policy Resolution 15 (PDF) Weed removal
Policy Resolution 16 (PDF) Fees and charges
Policy Resolution 17 (PDF) Enclosing drainage ditches in subdivisions and other land developments, and installation of storm drainage pipe in other areas
Policy Resolution 19 (PDF) Norms of operation for City Council, and rules of order and procedures for conducting city council meetings
Policy Resolution 20 (PDF) Regarding the issuance of separate grading permits under Appendix 70 of the Uniform Building Code
Policy Resolution 22 (PDF) Policy statement for private streets
Policy Resolution 24 (PDF) Park and facility naming policy
Policy Resolution 26 (PDF) Employee tuition reimbursement program
Policy Resolution 27 (PDF) Amending standard mitigation measures and conditions of approval for all development projects within the City of Napa
Policy Resolution 29 (PDF) Contributing to the funding of non-profit agencies
Policy Resolution 30 (PDF) Sister City relationships
Policy Resolution 32 (PDF) Providing for the filing of rebuttal arguments for city measures submitted at municipal elections
Policy Resolution 34 (PDF) Approving the Official City Logo and Official City Seal
Policy Resolution 35 (PDF) Adopting a debt management policy for the City of Napa
Policy Resolution 36 (PDF) Approving the 2016 Equal Employment Opportunity Annual Report, and approving the 2017 Equity and Inclusion Plan
Resolution R2019-042 (PDF) Records Management Program Policy  
Resolution R2019-065 (PDF) Approving the 2018 Equal Employment Opportunity Annual Report, and approving the 2019 Equity and Inclusion Plan  
Resolution R2019-083 (PDF) Processes for Encouraging Action by Other Governmental Agencies (Supporting or Opposing Legislation, Regulations, Adjudication, or Ballot Measures)  
Resolution R2019-109 (PDF)

Display of Flags Policy
Resolution R2019-136 (PDF) Recruitment and Hiring Incentives Program