Street Closures During Floods

Dealing With Flooding in Napa

Due to the City's extensive experience with flooding, there is an understanding of street closures and evacuations that will be needed as a flood emergency progresses. View the Street Closure and Barricade Phase Map (PDF) and discover where streets will be closed and the Phase 1 through Phase 4 evacuation areas and safe evacuation routes.

Street Closure & Barricade Phase Map

The Street Closure and Barricade Phase Map (PDF) is a large file and may take a moment to load, but when viewing the map with Adobe Reader you will be able to zoom in on your area of concern for detailed information.The Phase 1 area is shaded in green, the phase 2 area in gold/orange, the phase 3 area in red, and the phase 4 area in blue.

Street Closure Phases

Street closures can also be viewed in alphabetical lists: