Public Art

Programmatic Overview

The City of Napa supports the placement of public art in the community through a variety of different programs created to contribute to a more livable and visually stimulating environment. Public art first appeared in Napa in the 1970s, when the Napa Community Redevelopment Agency commissioned five sculptures that were placed in the downtown to enhance its image and encourage people to walk and shop in the area.

The presence of art in public places defines a community and helps to create a distinct sense of place. It encourages acommunity’s fullest use and enjoyment of its public spaces and provides distinctive gateways and landmarks, aesthetically- enhanced gathering areas and unique cultural experiences.

Barbara Murphy

By making a city more vital, attractive and unique space, art in public places also serves as a strong economic force, attracting businesses, increasing property values and encouraging cultural tourism.

Public art can also educate, inspire and spark conversation. Along with the other arts, it encourages creative thinking and innovation – skills that are paramount in addressing society’s challenges of today and tomorrow.

For these reasons, public art is an essential component of a thriving community in Napa.​

  1. Meredith Knudsen

    Public Art Coordinator

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