Fleet Maintenance Division

The Fleet Management Division is an Internal Service Fund (ISF) which supports the vehicle and mobile equipment needs of all City departments and divisions. The Division operates solely on the revenues derived from rental charges to City departments and divisions that use the vehicles and equipment. Centralization of the fleet under a single support division allows all equipment users to benefit from the availability of pooled equipment, effective preventive maintenance and professional management of the fleet.

The Division provides maintenance and repair service for fire apparatus but does not own or manage that equipment. Charges to users of fleet equipment are based on maintenance operational costs, overhead costs, insurance cost, plus an amount to provide for the programmed replacement of the assets managed by the Division. It administers the budget and oversees the general operations of the City Corporation yard. It also provides project management services for such projects as the recently completed Comprehensive Corporation Yard Master Plan.

Mission Statement

“Provide the City of Napa with fiscally responsible transportation resources and service that are safe, efficient, ready available, customer friendly, and environmentally conscious.”

Division Goal

To provide operating departments with safe, available, properly designed and maintained vehicles and mobile equipment at the lowest commensurate cost.


The Fleet Management Division provides full-service, “cradle-to-grave” management of the vehicles and equipment (purchase, maintenance, and disposal) used by all City Divisions and personnel.

Selected Service Level Objectives

  • Maintain the fleet at a level of 97% or better, serviceable availability, to the end user through effective programs of preventive maintenance and cost effective replacement
  • Continue to add new categories of equipment to the formalized preventive maintenance program
  • Improve the on-time performance of preventive maintenance inspections to a level of 95% or better based on a scheduling parameter of 10 days or less.
  • Continue to maintain shop productivity and operating cost at levels that compete ' favorably with the private section
  • Utilize new data base resources to develop better analytical tools for cost-effective vehicle replacement optimization.
  • Replace fleet vehicles at the most cost-effective point in their life cycles and lower overall equipment cost per unit of work accomplished over the service life of the vehicle

Major Functions

  • Coordinates with departments on vehicle utilization and specifications
  • Develops vehicle and equipment requests for proposal and solicits bids from vendors
  • Evaluates bids and recommends outright purchases
  • Provides in-house or out-source up-fitting depending on complexity and in-house resources
  • Maintains all city equipment and vehicles
  • Manages the City’s vehicle lease program
  • Develops Life Cycle Asset analysis and recommends vehicle replacements
  • Remarkets and disposes of city vehicle and equipment when vehicles have met their useful life
  • Maintains and operates Fleet’s Vehicle Management System and Telematics Software and programs (AssetWorks Fleet AnyWhere, Zonar, and Verizon’s NetworkFleet)
  • Develops shop, vehicle replacement, and service charge rates
  • Coordinates and reports to Local, State and Federal Agencies on EPA, Department of Energy, OSHA, CHP, DOT, and BAR inspection requirements
  • Manages the City’s fuel contract