Street Resurfacing & Potholes

Street Resurfacing Program

In 2009, the City of Napa Public Works Department launched a new program with the goal of paving 10 miles of residential streets each year using City crews. The program budget is approximately $3.2 million.  

In the first seven years of the program, the 10-mile per year objective has been met and the City’s overall Pavement Condition Index (PCI) has improved from 59 to 67, where 100 is an excellent rating. With over 140 miles of residential streets and 79 miles of collectors and arterials in need of repair, the program is making a difference but there’s still much more work to be done. The goal of the program is to repave all residential streets over a 14-year period.  


Potholes are voids in the street where the asphalt has broken apart causing a hole in the roadway. Potholes are generally caused by moisture (water) penetrating the subsurface of the asphalt. The Street Division has a maintenance crew filling potholes as they are brought to our attention, although some repairs will need to be prioritized or wait until scheduled repaving occurs. When our office is notified by a complaint of a pothole, we normally fill it within 24 hours.

To report a pothole, call 707-257-9520 providing the location or nearest property address.