Program Details

Our preschool programs are conveniently located at Las Flores Community Center where your child can explore and learn through engaging play. The safe and clean environment encourages creativity and independence for children while developing socialization skills. The preschool curriculum promotes school readiness by focusing oLR2- websiten literacy, language development, problem solving and reasoning, as well as gross and fine motor skills.

Wiggle Room is a fun, unstructured play program inside the gym at the Las Flores Community Center. The perfect place for you and your littles to come play, learn and get their wiggles out! Wiggle Room is a great place to have play dates or come spend some quality time being active with your child or grandchild. This is a parent/grandparent/guardian participation class. (Ages 0-5)

At Together Time you and your child will experience songs, art and movement activities that introduce children to a social classroom setting while having a great time! Adult/guardian participation is required. (Ages 2-3)

Little Rascals lays the foundation for children to be successful in school. Watch your child's self-esteem, confidence, and creativity blossom through singing, art, stories, imagination, and active games. (Ages 3-4)

Pre-K uses playful and creative activities that focus on listening, logic and other cognitive and social skills designed to build your preschooler's school readiness skills. Children will learn letters, shapes, colors, numbers, and make new friends in a fun supporting environment. (Ages 4-5)

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