Public Safety & City Hall Facilities Project

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City of Napa Community Survey: Public Safety & City Hall Facilities Project

The City of Napa is conducting a survey to gather perspectives on how our community members access City offices (City Hall, Planning, Building, Public Works, Fire Prevention, Police, Fire, Parks and Recreation, Water, Housing, Solid Waste & Recycling, etc) and interact with city staff.  The City of Napa is also in the early stages of a project to develop potential scenarios for a future facility that may result in building renovations or a new facility. 

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Encuesta de la ciudad de Napa: Proyecto de instalaciones de seguridad pública y ayuntamiento 

La Ciudad de Napa está realizando un estudio para reunir perspectivas sobre cómo los miembros de nuestra comunidad usan a los edificios administrativos, instalaciones de seguridad pública de la ciudad e interactúan con empleados de la ciudad. La Ciudad de Napa también está en las primeras etapas de un proyecto para desarrollar escenarios de instalación potenciales, pueden resultar en renovaciones de edificios o en un edificio nuevo en el futuro.  

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Project Background

Napa City HallCity leaders and staff have taken deliberate steps to continue their evaluation of new public safety and City Hall facilities in an effort to address current and future facility needs. 

Why are we evaluating our public safety and City Hall facilities?

Our buildings are in need of upgrades and expansion to accommodate the City’s current and future operational, public safety, and disaster preparedness needs. Most of the buildings where City staff work are ill-suited to City functions, in need of significant rehabilitation, many lack technology and energy efficiency and they were not built under current building codes and standards. In addition to the need for significant renovation and modernization to provide critical services to the community, additional space and co-location of services is needed to address the operational needs of the City to provide a high level of day-to-day customer service. Rapidly rising costs to operate, repair, and maintain our current outdated facilities has a negative impact on City finances, which is a growing concern.

Changing needs in community expectations, work culture, and accelerating change in technology, are demanding more efficient ways to provide better service to the public. Due to a succession of earthquakes, floods, and wildfires in recent years, Napa is acutely aware of the need for public safety and administration facilities, which includes the City’s Emergency Operations Center, that are able to better serve our community before, during, and after these emergencies. 

What are we doing to address our facility needs?

At City Council’s direction, considerable work has been done to assess project goals and needs, and to revisit existing space needs and site analyses. Here is a recap of the work that has been completed to date, as well as a snapshot of what the community can expect in the coming months.

On December 11, 2018, staff shared an update on the project with City Council, which included changes to the project team, a financial forecast overview, and a discussion of project options. Ultimately, the City Council requested that staff perform a deeper analysis on project options for some version of a Public Safety and City Hall Facilities project and return with these options for review. Council formed an Ad Hoc Committee consisting of Vice Mayor Scott Sedgley and Councilmember Mary Luros to work directly with staff, and also directed staff to prioritize communication with the community and City employees.

On March 5, 2019, staff returned to City Council to review project goals set forth by the City Council when the original project request for proposals was issued in 2017. Council carefully reviewed and affirmed each goal, added two additional goals - which were to increase communication and community involvement and develop a project that is within the City’s financial capacity to support - and unanimously committed to moving forward with finding solutions for updating public safety and City Hall facilities.

With the City Council’s direction in mind, and with a commitment to take a measured approach, the project team will: 

•    Assess the condition of current facilities that are in need of repair or upgrades and lack current technology, then determine the best way to address these issues

•    Engage the community and staff in the project planning process

•    Consider community needs when it comes to accessing City services

•    Address staff needs for delivering accessible and efficient service to the community every day and especially during emergencies

•    Evaluate the City’s current financial forecast to better understand what options will be affordable and how best to balance the costs associated with either maintaining or upgrading current facilities, and/or building new facilities

•    Analyze potentially feasible project sites for the proposed project, within a geographical boundary approved by Council

What’s next and how can you get involved?

On May 30, 2019, the community is invited to the first in a new series of workshops to gather additional feedback and input on the Public Safety and City Hall Facilities Project. In this first workshop, the community will be asked to share how they currently access and utilize City services, as well as how they would like to see services offered in the future. This information will help us establish a baseline for customer service and work flow. In the following months, the community will be invited to participate in online surveys, pop-up events at Farmers Markets, and additional workshops to share feedback and input. Project updates will be shared on the City’s website and social media, as well as through the newspaper and local radio. Residents are also encouraged to attend upcoming City Council meetings, where the project team will provide the following:

On July 23, 2019, City staff will present City Council with an informational summary report, with incorporated feedback and input gathered from the community, on updated evaluations of space needs, information gathered on potential sites, City finances, and criteria for development of project alternatives. 

In Fall 2019, City Council will be presented with a report that will include alternatives for the project, as well as an analysis of pros, cons, schedules, costs and other key items for consideration. Another community workshop will be held to gather feedback from residents, business owners and key stakeholders on the project alternatives set forth by staff.

By the end of 2019, City Council will review potential project alternatives, receive staff recommendations and hear public comment on these alternatives, and then provide direction based on this feedback.

For more information, project updates and history, please stay tuned to this website, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Nextdoor.

Community Outreach

Input and involvement from the community and City staff is critical to develop solutions for addressing current and future facility needs. 

  1. Presentations 
  2. Public Meetings
  3. Events & Outreach

Over the course of this project, the Project Team has met with and presented to a number of community groups and organizations, to share the vision of the project and garner feedback. If you are interested in receiving a presentation from the Project Team, please let us know by emailing us.

Here are some of the groups that have requested and received presentations:

  • Architects Exchange
  • Sunrise Rotary
  • Government Affairs and Policies (GAP) Committee
  • Chamber of Commerce Board
  • Housing Coalition
  • Democrats of Napa
  • PG&E Retirees