Napa Special Investigations Bureau (NSIB)


Napa Special Investigations Bureau (NSIB) is a multi-agency task force that includes personnel from multiple agencies. There are two Napa Police Investigators assigned to the Unit. The primary mission of the Napa Special Investigations Bureau is to provide professional narcotics investigation and enforcement efforts dedicated to identifying, apprehending and prosecuting illegal narcotic and drug traffickers in Napa County. NSIB is committed to directing maximum efforts to make Napa County safe and free from the debilitating effects of drug abuse on our community.

NSIB Stated Goals & Objectives

  • To develop and train officers to conduct drug investigations effectively, thus enhance the development and performance of conducting investigations, making arrests, and prosecuting drug traffickers.
  • To initiate successful investigations aimed at all levels of illegal drug traffickers, with a special emphasis and focus being placed on the mid-level and upper levels of illegal trafficking, i.e., retailers, distributors, wholesalers, manufacturers and smugglers of controlled substances in Napa County.
  • To initiate and conduct successful investigations and conduct special enforcement efforts focusing on “street level” traffickers and users of illegal controlled substances which will have a county-wide impact.
  • To use a narcotic/drug criminal intelligence network in cooperation with other local, state and federal allied law enforcement agencies, on illegal activities of groups and individuals who are criminally active in the trafficking of illegal controlled substances within the confines of standard practices.
  • To develop, maintain and ensure harmonious and professional working relationships with all Napa County and allied law enforcement agencies to ensure a unified and cooperative effort promoting the effectiveness of the NSIB mission, goals and objectives.
  • To develop, utilize and maintain an aggressive and efficient use
    of all local, state and federal criminal as well as civil statutes to ensure the
    maximum effectiveness of the NSIB mission.
  • To initiate and conduct financial asset forfeiture and money laundering investigations aimed at narcotic/drug traffickers in an effort to disrupt illegal financial profits derived from illegal drug trafficking.