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Free Waste Assessments

Can you decrease the garbage bill at your business, apartment complex, or school?

Are you paying to dispose of materials that could be recycled at no charge? Are you throwing away organics (food, soiled paper, and yard trimmings) instead of composting for a cheaper rate?

Learn how to take advantage of ALL the recycling services the City of Napa offers. We will schedule a site visit to help you determine what services are right for your business based on what you produce. We will then provide you a costs analysis, suggested free interior equipment, free (bilingual) training(s), and signage.

All of this will help you reduce waste, recycle more and save money. Call us at 257-9200 or email our recycling department

Free Interior Bins

Do you need a better way to get the recycling and/or composting from your business, office, classroom, or apartment to the outside bins?  The City of Napa offers free interior recycling and composting equipment for businesses, multi-family complexes, and schools.  Contact our recycling department.

AB 1826 - Mandatory Commercial Organics Recycling (aka Business Composting) 

Assembly Bill 1826 (Mandatory Commercial Organics Recycling) requires businesses that generate organic waste materials (which include food waste, green waste, landscape and pruning waste,  clean wood waste and food‐soiled paper) to separate the material for composting.  

The requirements phase is depending on the volume of organic waste generated each week. 

Business DeadlinesVolume Requirements for Participation 
April 1, 20168 yds. or more of organic waste/week
January 1, 20174 yds. or more of organic waste/week
January 1, 20194 yds. or more of solid waste/week
January 1, 20202 yds. or more of solid waste/week

 Curious to find out more? Check out Napa Recycling's Food Composting for Businesses website or send the recycling staff an email. 

Bay Area Green Business Program

Napa County is part of the Bay Area Green Business Program. More than 1,700 businesses & organizations have been certified by the Bay Area Green Business program since 1997! Napa’s program works primarily with small to medium-sized, locally based organizations. Green Businesses benefit from free technical assistance and public promotions, enjoy a positive community image and are seen as leaders in sustainable business. 

To become a certified Green Business, your business must be in compliance with all environmental regulations and then you need to implement a minimum number of measures in four different areas. Those four areas are energy efficiency, water conservation, pollution prevention and solid waste reduction/recycling. The Green Business program has checklists for different types of businesses that cover these four areas and many businesses find they have adopted many of the measures already. For information about all other business types check the Green Business website.

Recycle More Program 

Does your business have a stack of dusty old unused electronics? Has one of your appliances recently died on you? Use the free curbside pickup service Recycle More to haul those items away!

The Recycle More program offers free curbside pickup of all electronics, appliances and oversize metal items (that do not fit in the recycling cart), clothing and shoes.

Email Napa Recycling or give them a call at 707-255-5200 to set up your appointment for your free curbside pickup. More detailed information can be found on the Recycle More program page.

Recycle Guide

Check out the City of Napa and Napa Recycling and Waste Service's Recycling Guide online