Maps & Data

  • Citywide Traffic Signals (PDF) are under the jurisdiction of two agencies; the City of Napa and Caltrans. The map provided (11x17) identifies which signals are  under the control of each agency. Requests for service and/or changes for Caltrans controlled signals will be forwarded to Caltrans District 4.  
  • Downtown Napa Points of Interest and Parking (PDF) 
  • Citywide Speed Limits (PDF) are prima facie (25MPH) unless determined greater by a Traffic Engineering Speed Survey. The map provided (11x17) indentifies the streets which have been studied and determined to be greater than 25MPH.  
  • Traffic Count Book (PDF), Traffic Count Summary (PDF) and Count Map (PDF) are determined by the latest Functional Classification of streets as reported to the Federal Highway Administration and streets under study by either the Public Works Department or the Napa Police Department.  State Highway Traffic Counts are conducted by the State of California Department of Transportation on a yearly basis.
  • Citywide Truck Routes (PDF) are streets and portions of streets determined by the City Traffic Engineer and appropriately signed giving notice thereof, permitting the use of vehicles exceeding a maximum gross weight of three tons per the Napa Municipal Code Section 10.48.
  • Citywide Bike Plan Map (PDF) is a planning document to locate existing bicycle facilities as well as target proposed bike improvements. The system is divided into three types, Class I Paths - Class II Lanes - Class III Routes according to the California Department of Transportation classification system. For more information, please go to Napa Valley Car Free for other Napa Valley cycling information.