Police Department Fee Schedule

Records Bureau

The Police Records Bureau is responsible for organization, maintenance, and dissemination of all police reports. It is also responsible for maintaining the Department's automated records management system (I/Leads), compiling numerous statistics that are reported to the Department of Justice, fingerprinting and maintaining files on sex, arson, gang and narcotic registrants, processing city permits including Concealed Weapons Permits, fingerprinting and live-scanning, and background requests. Records personnel also staff the public counter for the Department and answer all incoming business telephone inquiries.

The Police Records Bureau is staffed with a supervisor, a senior records assistant, and six records assistants. Bilingual personnel are on duty during business hours.

Fee Details

(As of January 1, 2023)

o    Alarm Permits - $56.00

o    Address Checks - $24.00

o    Amplified Music Permits - NO FEE

o    Background/Visa Letters - $37.00

o    CAD Print Outs - $0.39 per event

o    Concealed Weapons Permit (CCW) - New - $229.00 (Civilian) or $251.00 (Judicial)

o    CCW - Renewal - $77.00 (Civilian) or $99.00 (Judicial)

o    CCW Permit Changes - $10.00

o    Civil Subpoenas - $275.00 (City employee served to testify in court)

o    DVD/CDs - $38.00 per DVD or CD (requires a subpoena)

o    Fingerprints (INK) - $36.00 (roll prints on the card)

o    Firearms Storage Fee - $118.00 per firearm

o    LiveScan Rolling Fee - $36.00 (rolling fee only; subject to additional fees for DOJ/FBI)

o    One Day Liquor License - NO FEE

o    Permit Changes - $37.00 per permit

o    Permit Renewals -$170.00 per permit 

o    Reports up to first 10 pages $24.00

o    11th page and up $0.39 per additional page
        o    Note: Victim(s) of a crime receive the first copy of their Napa Police report free.

o    Repossessions - $15.00 per vehicle

o    Vehicle Release Fees - $244.00 per vehicle/vessel/trailer

o    2nd Hand Dealer - Initial $534.00
      o    Additional Applicants - $105.00
      o    2nd Hand Dealer - Renewal $374.00

All fees will incur a 3% increase on January 1, 2024.