Massage Permit

Issuing a PermitWoman Getting a Massage

This permit is issued by the Police Department following successful completion of the application process.

Applicants should follow these steps:

  1. Applicant requests a massage permit application, Special Permits Application Form (PDF) from City of Napa collections. The application is also available at the Collections window of City Hall. Be sure to download the Special Permits Application Form (PDF) and a Supplemental Questionnaire - Massage Permit (PDF).
  2. Applicant should read the application and understand that their criminal history will be checked. This includes a Live Scan (Fingerprints). If the applicant falsifies the application in any way their permit will be denied. Any convictions must be stated.
  3. Applicant must possess a diploma or certificate from a Recognized school pursuant to section 94300 of the California Education Code consisting of 70 hours or more of theory, ethics, practice, methods, profession or work of massage technicians. (Provide to NPD upon interview) Most applicants have several hundred hours of educational training.
  4. Applicant pays fees to City of Napa collections.
  5. Applicant calls Sergeant Andrew Hess, Napa Police Department, at 707-258-7885 or email Andrew Hess and this secures an appointment for a Live Scan (fingerprints) and interview. (Note: sometimes the Interview/Live Scan cannot be scheduled for several days due to other conflicts).
  6. Applicant must bring to their Napa Police Department interview: Massage School Diploma, application, receipt showing fees paid, and valid identification, valid identification includes:
    1. Valid ID is as follows; a State Driver's License or State Identification card is preferred. If the applicant does not possess one of those the following is accepted:
      1. U.S Birth Certificate or Passport
      2. Federal Proof of Indian Blood Degree
      3. INS American Indian Card
      4. U.S Identification Card
      5. U.S Military ID Card
      6. Certificate of Naturalization or Citizenship
      7. Northern Mariana Card
      8. Permanent Resident Card
      9. Temporary Resident Card
      10. Canadian passport
      11. Birth certificate, or border crossing card
      12. Valid Foreign Passport with a valid Record of Arrival/Departure (Form I-94)
      13. Certificate from California Department of Corrections or Youth Authority
      14. Employment Authorization Card
      15. Permanent Resident Re-entry Permit
      16. Refugee Travel Document
      17. Immigration Judge’s order granting asylum
      18. Mexican border crossing card with valid I-94