Traffic Operations & Safety Monitoring

Maintains the Department's Crossroads traffic accident database and monitors the High Accident Locations (HAL) citywide. TED reviews accident data and patterns at critical locations and will begin pursuing safety improvements for the top 15 HAL spots.

Traffic Signals CIP Projects

Responsible for the planning and engineering design of traffic signals. TED will work on the Plans, Specifications, and Estimates (PS&E) for new traffic signals using consultant services.

Citywide Transportation Planning

Represents the City in inter-agency, multi-jurisdictional, and regional transportation planning initiatives. TED pro-actively works with:

Citizen Requests on Traffic & Parking

Responsible for the processing of citizen requests involving traffic and parking. Communicates with citizens and residents, conducts a field investigation, performs an engineering review, and make recommendations for potential improvements.

Traffic Impact Review of Development Project

Responsible for the technical review of traffic impact reports and studies conducted for private development projects seeking discretionary permits from the Planning Division. TED provides ongoing guidance to developers and their transportation consultants in preparing traffic impact reports that would satisfy California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and local regulatory guidelines.

TMP Traffic Model Maintenance

Responsible for maintaining the citywide TMP Traffic Model, which is composed of travel demand model (MinuTP) and traffic simulation model (Synchro Plus/SimTraffic). TED optimizes the transportation analysis from private development projects and external public agencies in generating future cumulative traffic volumes.

TMP Implementation Support

Provides technical review of proposed traffic detour plans and traffic management plans for the major construction involving the City's Capital Improvement Projects (CIP), flood control project, California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) projects and Encroachment Permits. City Guidelines are provided to assist in the preparation of plans for efficient review and approval, view the Traffic Control Guidelines (PDF) for details.