New Development

Please note: If you simply need to get an existing water service turned on and establish the account in your name, please call the Finance Department at 707-257-9508, Email the Finance Department, or visit the Finance windows at:

City Hall
955 School Street
Napa, CA 94559


Procedures for establishing new connections to the City of Napa water system vary depending on site location and project size:

Inside City Limits

For an existing house, a vacant lot, or to separate services for a duplex or triplex, Email the Engineering Assistant, call 707-257-9521, or visit the Utilities Department at 1700 Second Street. You will be advised regarding service eligibility, water capacity fees, service pipe installation, meter sets, and scheduling. Prior to scheduling the hot-tap and service installation, you must pay all Required Water Service Fees (PDF).

Outside City Limits

Please note: The Outside Water Service Application procedures that follow are on hold. The City is not currently accepting applications due to ongoing policy revisions. 

For most sites outside the City limits, you must pay a $617 filing fee and complete an Outside Water Service Application (PDF) to determine eligibility. If approved, you must complete the conditions of the application and pay all Required Water Service Fees (PDF) prior to installation. Call the Engineering Assistant at 707-257-9521, Email the Engineering Assistant, or visit the 1700 Second Street headquarters for more details.

These two areas do not require completion of an Outside Water Service Application:

  • Congress Valley Water District - Leave a message at 707-256-0344 or Email the District’s Secretary to initiate the application process.
  • Silverado Resort Area - Contact the Engineering Assistant as previously listed.

Large Development

For subdivisions, hotels, or other large projects requiring new development of the water distribution system, call the Water Engineer at 707-257-9266, Email the Engineer, or visit the 1700 Second Street headquarters.

Standard Requirements/New Development

Construction Water/Hydrant Meters

If temporary water service is needed for construction purposes, complete a Construction Water Hydrant Meter Set Form (PDF) to apply, following the setup and use instructions included on its second page.

Helpful Online Forms: