Free Water-Saving Devices

City of Napa water customers are entitled to an array of free conservation devices and literature. You may receive these items as part of a Water-Wise Home Survey or Business Survey, or by visiting our display at various public events. Or you may simply pick them up at Utilities Department headquarters, 1700 Second Street, Suite 100, Downtown Napa (intersection of Second & Seminary Streets).


  • Bathroom Faucet Aerators: 0.5/1.0/1.5 gpm, residential and commercial
  • Garden Hose Meter: Save A Drop Water Meter attaches easily
  • Garden Hose Nozzle: 7-position Deluxe Water Efficient Hose Nozzle
  • Garden Hose Timer: automatic shutoff, minutes to 2-hours duration
  • Kitchen Faucet Aerator: 1.5 gpm, dual-setting with swivel
  • Shower Timer: 5-minute timer helps change habits
  • Showerhead: 1.5 gallon-per-minute (gpm) Earth Shower head, available in White or Chrome
  • Toilet Dye: for leak detection
  • Toilet Fill Cycle Diverter: Tankee Clipper may save up to a half gallon with each flush


  • California Water Facts (Water Education Foundation)
  • Drip Irrigation Guide (Harmony Farm Supply)
  • Drought Survival 101 Guides
  • Easy WaterWise Gardening (Sunset)
  • Gardening for Wildlife with Native Plants (Bay Nature)
  • Practical Plumbing Handbook (California Water Efficiency Partnership)
  • Save Our Water "Dear Neighbor" Door Hangers
  • Soil Matters (Bay Nature)
  • Various other water and energy program brochures