Water-Wise Home Survey

The City of Napa offers this free service to help our single-family and multi-family residential customers use their water more efficiently and reduce their bills.

The City's Water Conservation Specialist will visit your site and:

  • Check for leaks and recommend repairs
  • Check shower head and faucet flow rates
  • Check toilet flush volumes
  • Inform you of applicable rebate programs
  • Inspect your irrigation system and recommend improvements
  • Provide an appropriate irrigation schedule
  • Provide free high-efficiency replacement fixtures if warranted
  • Show you how to read your water meter

Email the Water Conservation Specialist or call 707-257-9497 to schedule your free Water-Wise Home Survey!

We encourage owners and managers of apartment complexes to use this free service as a way to upgrade all their units.

Water Truck Parked in Front of Home

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Water Audits

As an alternative to the City-provided survey, customers are also encouraged to perform their own Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Water Audits: