Water Rates

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The City’s water system is a $941 million network of treatment plants, pipes, tanks, pump stations, fire hydrants, meters, and other facilities that are designed, operated, maintained, repaired, and replaced for a single purpose - to provide you access to safe, reliable, and life sustaining water every second of every day.  Water rates support this effort.  The service that rates pay for includes infrastructure, water supply, health and safety, fire protection, and reliability. 

The cost to provide water service is $34-$38 million per year depending on investment in capital improvements. Water rates pay for more than 90% of these costs. No taxes are used. We can only charge rates that cover the costs of providing the service to you.

The 2023 Water Rate Process is underway.  Click on the banners below or here to see the notice that has been mailed to all customers and property owners.  Click HERE for the full details of the Cost of Service Study, Bill Calculator, FAQ’s and more.

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REMINDER: To simply get an existing water service turned on and establish the account in your name, please call the Finance Department at 707-257-9508, Email Finance Collections, or visit the Finance Windows at City Hall, 955 School Street.

Jamieson Canyon Pipes

Current City of Napa water rates were adopted by City Council in late 2017, with annual increases set though 2022. While viewing the rate schedules, keep in mind that:

  • Rates vary by customer class.
  • Most customers are billed bimonthly (every two months).
  • A fixed service charge applies to all customers based on meter size.
  • A water quantity charge is applied based on metered usage for the billing period. Billing units are 1,000 gallons.
    • Single-family residential usage is tiered, with higher usage tiers charged higher rates.
  • Rates are higher for customers outside the City limits.
  • Customers in certain high-elevation zones pay an additional surcharge to cover pumping costs.
  • Low-income single-family residential customers may be eligible for the Water RateShare Discount Program or the California Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP).

In addition to these metered water rates, the City charges fees for various other Water Division functions.
View the Master Schedule of Water Fees (PDF) for the full list.