Water Quality Report

By July 1 each year the City provides its water customers with a summary of any contaminants detected for the previous calendar year. Also referred to as the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), the annual Drinking Water Quality Report is a key part of the public's right-to-know as established in the Safe Drinking Water Act. The primary purpose of the report is to provide detailed information regarding contaminants, related potential adverse health effects, and possible sources of contamination. Additional report sections describe our source waters, the importance of protecting our watersheds, and specific water quality concerns some customers may have.

2016 AQR Cover Page

The 2016 Drinking Water Quality Report (PDF) is currently available.

Printed copies may be obtained from the Water Division, 1340 Clay Street or the Public Works Department, 1600 First Street.  Beginning April 1, 2016, all water systems were required to comply with the Federal Revised Total Coliform Rule, monitoring the presence of indicator bacteria naturally present in the environment. Under this rule, the City was required to conduct a Level I assessment, but no problems were found nor corrective actions required. In addition, the City met all of the other stringent State and Federal standards for finished drinking water.

If you have any specific questions after reading the 2016 Drinking Water Quality Report, please call the Water Quality Manager at 707-253-0822 or Email the Water Quality Manager.