Main Street Streetscape


In May 2012, the City Council formally adopted the Downtown Napa Specific Plan which recommended planning strategies and proposed improvements aiming to enhance the Downtown Napa experience. One goal of the Downtown Specific Plan is to create an improved pedestrian environment and more opportunities for outdoor dining along Main Street between Second and Third Streets – the Main Street Streetscape Project (Project).

The Project will create a more pedestrian friendly environment along Main Street adjacent to Veteran’s Park and provide for outdoor dining opportunities along the west side of the street.

Pedestrian improvements include traffic calming at the intersection of Main and Second Streets in the form of a raised intersection which will elevate the entire intersection to the level of the sidewalk, enabling pedestrians to cross the road at the same level as the sidewalk. Pedestrian crossings will also be aided by the inclusion of a pedestrian scramble phasing system. Pedestrian scrambles are different from the usual cycle of traffic signal phases in that during the scramble phase all vehicle signals turn red and all “walk” signals turn on, even in diagonal directions. A pedestrian scramble phase allows pedestrians to cross the intersection while all vehicles are completely stopped.

The outdoor dining opportunity will come from widening the west sidewalk an additional eight feet. The construction of the wider sidewalks will include the installation of fixed pole foundations at specific locations along each store front. When the Project is complete each business will have the opportunity to install outdoor dining partitions through the City’s Outdoor Dining Encroachment Permit application process.