Memorial Trees and Benches

The City of Napa Plant-A-Tree/ Memorial Bench Program provides individuals and organizations a means to enhance our City Parks or trails while memorializing a person or special event. Honor a loved one, celebrate a special event or show your dedication to community improvement.

By planting trees or installing new benches, City Parks and trails are beautified and the donations act as a lasting memorial and remind the donors of those being honored. The Parks & Recreation Services Department works with donors to help in the selection and location of either the tree or bench. A specific list of trees for planting and a standard bench style has been designated for these areas. Final approval of tree species and location, however, is the responsibility of the Department.

A certificate acknowledging the donation including the reason for the donation, the date the tree was planted or bench installed and the location is presented to whomever the donor wishes. Permanent plaques are only allowed for benches and must be supplied by the donor. Signs or markers are not allowed for trees under this program.

If you or your organization wishes to participate in this program, please fill out the Program Application and return it to the Parks & Recreation Services Department. Parks Division staff will evaluate the desired park location and contact you about your choice of available locations.

Once the City has approved the location, applicants will need to pay the appropriate fee in order for the City to Purchase the tree or bench. The standard tree will be a 15-gallon container size. If desired, a larger (24” box) may be selected for an additional fee if there is adequate planting space. Parks staff will deliver the tree to the planting site and prepare the planting hole. If the donor wishes to plant the tree, staff can assist or leave the entire planting to the donor. The donor will be contacted to coordinate a planting date by staff. City staff will perform all bench installations.

Parks staff will maintain the tree by watering, staking, and pruning the tree when necessary. Volunteers who wish to help with tree maintenance are always welcome. Please contact the Parks & Recreation Services Department if you wish to volunteer to water or help with tree maintenance.

For more details contact the Parks & Recreation Services Department at 257-9529.

Business hours are Monday through Friday, 8AM-5PM.

Plant a Tree