Trower Avenue Rehabilitation Project

Jill Techel Kate Miller

The Trower Avenue Rehabilitation Project consists of concrete sidewalk, curb and gutter and corner ramp improvements, replacement of older streetlights and pavement repairs.  The west end of Trower Avenue, from Dry Creek Road to Linda Vista Avenue, will receive repairs to the damaged concrete sidewalk and curb and gutter. As part of these repairs, a portion of the existing trees will be removed to prevent damage to the new concrete improvements.  A minimum of one new tree will be planted for every tree removed.  The east end of Trower Avenue, Jefferson Street to SR 29, will receive concrete repairs as well as replacement of outdated streetlights and pavement repairs. 

Pictured left: Napa Mayor Jill Techel & NVTA Executive Director Kate Miller with new Measure T sign on Trower Avenue

Trower Avenue Before Construction

Trower Avenue During Construction

Important Documents