Oxbow District - Urban Land Institute, TAP Panel

On August 6th, 2018, the Urban Land Institute will be sending their "Technical Assistance Panel" (TAP) to Napa to focus on the Oxbow District. Their purpose is to solicit feedback, perspectives, and opinions; to synthesize information and data; and to make recommendations for the City Council’s consideration with respect to place branding. 

A precursor event was held on July 19th to provide a platform and venue for stakeholders to speak and be heard about their perspectives, working through a series of engaging and collaborative exercises. The information was recorded graphically, and assembled for distribution to the ULI panel and City Council. The ULI - TAP includes the following members:

  • Jim Heid, President & Founder, UrbanGreen (ULI TAP Chair)
  • Sandra Kulli, President, Kulli Marketing
  • David Israel, Principal, BAR Architects
  • Elizabeth Shreeve, Principal, SWA Group
  • Blaine Merker, Partner & Managing Director US, Gehl
  • Edith Ramirez, Economic Development Director, City of Morgan Hill
  • Michael Lander, Owner, Lander Group

Expertise on the panel includes representative from urban design, economic development, place-making, real estate development, urban planning, architecture, marketing/branding, and landscape architecture. The panelists will be presenting their findings on August 7, 2018 - prior to the regularly scheduled City Council meeting. 

Oxbow District Aerial