Park & Facility Capital Improvements

The City’s Capital Improvement Program involves the acquisition, design, and construction of capital facilities and infrastructure within the City of Napa. In the most recent City adopted five-year Capital Improvement Program, various capital improvements have focused on the City’s Parks system. These include:

  • Senior Center Renovations
  • Playground Replacement at Playground Fantastico
  • Sports Court Resurfacing: Several public sports courts around the City of Napa will soon be resurfaced and striped to meet current standards! Resurfacing of the courts are necessary to provide a safe and smooth playing surface in our City parks.
  • Park Shade Shelters at high use parks (stay tuned for improvements to Dry Creek and Fuller Park!)
  • Replacement Field Lighting at Kiwanis Park
  • Permanent Public Restroom at Alston Park
  • Sports Court Resurfacing
  • Parks Pathway Repair
  • Park Site Furnishing Replacements

Please visit this page for regular updates. Project Contact: Ali Koenig, [email protected]

Playground Fantastico

Fantastico Park is closed for renovations. The park will have a brand new state of the art play structure when construction is completed. The City led a design process in partnership with the community to develop the playground design. We encourage you to continue reading to learn more.

What will stay: Swings, Sandbox, Art Pieces, Picnic Area, Restroom

What will be removed and improved: Wooden Play Structures in both 2-5 and 5-12 play areas.

Upcoming Meeting: City Council Evening Session on February 19, 2019.

Playground Fantastico is a community-built park and playground fundraised for and constructed by a team of volunteers from Napa County in 2002. The playground is managed by a twenty (20) year Joint Development Agreement between the City of Napa (City) and the Napa Valley Unified School District (School District) that allows for the joint use of the playground considered to be beneficial to the constituents of both agencies.

Due to the current condition of Playground Fantastico as assessed by a third party Certified Playground Inspector, the City has made it a priority to replace and enhance the play structure to meet current Federal standards for safety and accessibility between Winter 2018 and Summer 2019.

Beginning in April of 2017, the City has led various community outreach efforts to understand design priorities for the new play structure. The City realizes the importance of this playground to the entire community and aims to honor the efforts involved in the original build. To receive valuable input from various community groups that represent a far-reaching cross section of Napa, the City has worked with representatives from the School District, Napa County Office of Education, Community Resources for Children, Napa Moms, Napa Valley Kid, ParentsCAN, and individuals from the original Playground Fantastico community build to develop a comprehensive vision for the new design.

The City is excited to present a new design for Playground Fantastico that offers a wide variety of play opportunities for multiple age groups ranging from 2 to 12 years old. To achieve the highest level of play value, the City is developing a phasing strategy in partnership with the School District.

Please e-mail Parks Project Manager Ali Koenig ([email protected]), to learn more.

In the interim, the City and the School District encourage the community to recreate in the other 40+ playgrounds located around the City of Napa. To find your closest playground, please check out the City of Napa website (

Playground Fantastico El parque y el patio de juegos de Fantastico que fue construido por la comunidad y recaudado y construirdo por un equipo de voluntarios del condado de Napa en 2002. El patio de juegos es administrado por un Acuerdo de Desarrollo Conjunto de veinte (20) años entre la Ciudad de Napa (Ciudad) y el Distrito Escolar Unificado de Napa Valley (Distrito Escolar) que permite el uso conjunto del patio de recreo considerado beneficioso para los constituyentes de ambas agencias.

Debido a la condición actual de Playground Fantastico según evaluado por un inspector de patio de recreo certificado, la Ciudad ha convertido en una prioridad reemplazar y mejorar la estructura de juegos para cumplir con los estándares federales actuales de seguridad y accesibilidad entre Invierno de 2018 y Primervera 2019.

A partir de Abril de 2017, la Ciudad ha liderado varios esfuerzos de alcance comunitario para comprender las prioridades de diseño de la nueva estructura de juegos. La Ciudad se da cuenta de la importancia de este patio de juegos para toda la comunidad y tiene como objetivo honrar los esfuerzos involucrados en la construcción original. Para recibir aportes valiosos de varios grupos comunitarios que representan una sección transversal de gran alcance de Napa, la Ciudad ha trabajado con representantes del Distrito Escolar, Napa Valley Education Foundation, Oficina de Educación del Condado de Napa, Community Resources for Children, Napa Moms, Napa Valley Kid, ParentsCAN y personas de la comunidad original de Playground Fantastico crean una visión integral para el nuevo diseño.

La Ciudad se complace en presentar un nuevo diseño para Playground Fantastico que ofrece una amplia variedad de oportunidades de juegos para grupos de edades múltiples que van desde los 2 hasta los 12 años de edad. Para alcanzar el más alto nivel de valor de juego, la Ciudad está desarrollando una estrategia de fases en asociación con el Distrito Escolar.