Park & Facility Capital Improvement Projects

The City’s Capital Improvement Program involves the acquisition, design, and construction of capital facilities and infrastructure within the City of Napa. In the most recent City adopted five-year Capital Improvement Program, various capital improvements have focused on the City’s Parks system and are based on recommendations from the Park Infrastructure Program. These include:

  • Permanent Public Restroom at Alston Park
  • Las Flores Community Center Renovation
  • Parks Pathway Repair
  • Playground Replacements
  • Park Site Furnishing Replacements
  • Sports Court Resurfacing
  • Main Street Boat Dock Repairs

Recent completed projects include:

  • Senior Center Renovation
  • Playground and Site Furnishing Replacements at Playground Fantastico
  • Replacement Field Lighting at Kiwanis Park
  • Sports Court Resurfacing

Please visit this page for regular updates. Project Contact: Ali Koenig, [email protected]

  1. Ali Koenig

    Management Analyst