Enclosure Standards Update

Enclosure Standards 

The City of Napa has revised the “Solid Waste, Recyclable Materials & Compostables Enclosure Standards” to address the new food scrap recycling program being provided by the City as required by AB 1826. Among the changes, the revised standards describe the use of wheeled carts for storage of materials and the requirement for space in enclosures for storage of food scraps and other compostable materials. The revised standards also require roofs and drains for food facility enclosures in order to meet stormwater regulations. Proposed amendments to the Napa Municipal Code (“NMC”) are needed to update the definitions in Section 17.06.030 to match new and revised definitions in the revised standards for “Compostables”, “Significant Addition” and “Significant Remodel” and to conform the description of “Recycling/Solid Waste Areas” in Section 17.52.390 with that in the proposed Revised Standards. Proposed revisions to Section 17.52.390 B state the revised standards apply to projects requiring approval of (i) a Use Permit, (ii), a Design Review Permit, (iii) a significant remodel, or (iv) a significant addition.