Proposed Civic Center Location

Where will the proposed Civic Center be located?

Years of careful evaluation of potential downtown sites resulted in the proposed site for the Civic Center. In the end, it was determined that utilizing City-owned property will yield the best financial opportunity to accomplish the project objectives. Other nearby sites not owned by the City were considered but each posed significant obstacles in terms of timing and availability (e.g., the former Safeway site)

In 2011, City and County spent a considerable amount of time and effort studying different options of consolidating city and county offices onto the Sullivan site allowing for some economies of scale. Since that time, the County has purchased property in the Napa Valley Corporate Park, which offered a more flexible and cost-effective campus to meet the County’s long-range needs. 

While developing their proposal, Plenary explored several property options in Downtown Napa, including but not limited to the Sullivan Site. Based on the program needs identified for the project, the Plenary team determined that the building did not fit on the Sullivan Site, partially due to the increased set-back requirements on the Third Street frontage to accommodate the view shed for the historic Church (First Presbyterian). Additionally, the Sullivan Site is not owned by the City and would have required acquisition and negotiations with the County to purchase the property. The site ultimately selected by the City for the proposed Civic Center in Downtown is where the current Community Services Building is located, which includes Public Works, Planning, Building, Economic Development and Fire Prevention.