Compost Crew Recognition Program

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Interested which businesses within the City of Napa are working hard to reduce how much they send to a landfill by composting food and soiled paper? And by working hard - we mean it! Starting to compost for a lot of businesses is a tricky business with a whole culture shift and mind shift change: but it can be done -- and SUCCESSFULLY! The locations below prove it! 

We are excited to announce the launch of a new recognition program for restaurants and businesses in the City of Napa: Compost Crew Recognition Program! 

The entities listed below are some of the recycling and composting champions of our beautiful City of Napa community and have been vetted by City of Napa, Recycling Division staff and Napa Recycling to verify their outstanding performance as composting trailblazers! 

How do entities qualify?

  • Are enrolled in our business composting program, which means all organic waste (food and soiled paper) from the kitchen area, at least, is being diverted to composting containers instead of landfill/trash bins; 
  • Have excellent audits: City of Napa Recycling staff completes random audits/checks on businesses to check on how they are performing with composting and recycling (little contamination, lots of contamination?) to assist if there are any contamination issues and check performance for Recycling Awards; 
  • Little to no contamination notices by Napa Recycling: Napa Recycling’s business compost driver checks EVERY TIME they are serviced!; and 
  • Special recognition noted to the businesses that use 100% compostable to-go ware with an **. 

The inaugural 12 businesses listed below are our 2019 JD Fullner Recycling Award winners! 

Composting Crew:

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Foodshed Take Away

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Genova Deli 

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Dragon Valley

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Hop Creek Pub**

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Monday Bakery**

Frida's Mexican Grill Opens in new window


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Alexis Baking Company 

La Morenita Market Logo Opens in new window

La Morenita Market

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Stone Brewing Company 

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El Pollo Loco 

Logos of locations listed above are linked to their website. 

**denotes the location is using 100% compostable materials for to-go ware. 

Are you a business or know of a business that is interested in joining the Composting Crew Recognition Program? 

Be recognized as some of the environmental leaders in the City of Napa, in our new Compost Crew recognition program. Recognized businesses that work hard in diverting their compostable materials (food scraps and soiled paper) from the landfill and into the compost are making huge positive environmental changes – and should be recognized for it! This program allows the greater Community of Napa and Visitors alike to chose to go green in their dining out.

The Compost Crew recognition program is a free partnership program that includes:

  • A trademark Compost Crew window decal (pictured above);
  • A digital Compost Crew icon for your website;
  • Your logo and web link on our Compost Crew Recognition program on our website;
  • Recognition throughout the year at different events; and
  • Highlighted on our Spotlights on Social Media platforms.

Who can become a Compost Crew partner?

  • Restaurants
  • Businesses

Interested in becoming part of the Compost Crew program? Send an email to [email protected] for further information and to set up your walk-thru today!