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Parklet & Outdoor Commercial Uses Permanent Program

The City has begun the process to establish a long-term program to allow continued use of City-Owned Public Spaces (Plazas, Sidewalks, Parklets) for outdoor dining and drinking beyond the current allowances granted through the City’s Emergency Order related to COVID-19 restrictions.

On Thursday, February 3, the Downtown Napa Association hosted an informational meeting between Downtown merchants and City Staff to discuss the Application Process, Design Standards, Annual Fees, and Initial Costs (including information from Napa Sanitation District fees). See the meeting summary here.

Continue to follow this webpage for continuous updates. 

Extension of Napa Al Fresco Temporary Permits

The City Council will consider a proclamation to extend the Napa Al Fresco Temporary Permits through August 31 and Tents/Structural Canopies through March 31.

See Agenda Item 5A on the Council Agenda.

Outdoor Uses on Private Property

If you are interested in continuing or establishing new outdoor dining uses on private property, apply for a Design Review Permit through the Planning Division.

 For more information, please contact City Staff at [email protected]

Safe Spaces Created for Businesses Outdoors

Napa Al Fresco is helping businesses expand outdoors in response to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines. The City of Napa and partners want to provide a safe experience to people who visit and enjoy the City of Napa’s world-class dining and wines. All programs are free of charge to businesses and open to restaurants, wine tasting room, retail, and others.

The information on this webpage is intended to assist our customers in understanding how to apply for these Napa Al Fresco administrative permits. We welcome feedback on the program, and the materials included on this webpage, and anticipate modifying and adding information to this page in response to customer feedback.

Napa Al Fresco consists of the following three major programs. You can find more information to each program below.

Picture of public outdoor dining

  • Outdoor Business Expansion Permit Program: This expedited city-wide permit program lets businesses quickly apply for dining on public (ex. sidewalks) and private property.

  • Shared Spaces Permit Program: This program allows business owners city-wide to utilize the public parking space in the street in front of their business for outdoor dining, wine tasting, or other outdoor uses. This program lets businesses quickly transform these spaces into expanded areas for their business. The City is no longer accepting Shared Spaces applications. 

  • Parklet Permit Program: Similar to the Shared Spaces Permit Program, this program allows business owners city-wide to utilize the public parking space in the street in front of their business. The key difference is that it entails the installation of a platform to make the area the same level as the sidewalk. The City is no longer accepting Parklet applications. 



Outdoor Business Expansion Permit Program – Public and Private Property

The Outdoor Business Expansion Permit Program was launched to facilitate speedy review and approval of new and expanded outdoor areas on public property (sidewalks and parks) and on private property (parking lots and other areas on private land). Important aspects of the Outdoor Business Expansion Permit include:

Allowing businesses to replace lost seating due to physical distancing protocols.

Addressing design and site maintenance requirements to ensure that the expanded or new areas are an asset to the community and allow safe public access around the outdoor expanded areas.

The streamlined permits will be approved with an expiration date of December 31, 2020 to provide an opportunity to assess the success of the expanded areas and to make changes for the next season.

This program was launched on May 29, 2020 and has been successful to-date thanks to business owners who have submitted their applications and worked with City staff to find a design that ensures that the approved dining areas are safe and accessible to everyone.

Streamlined Outdoor Business Expansion Permit Application Requirements

Outdoor Dining Application Form

Example 1 – Sample Plan 

Outdoor Business Expansion Technical Considerations and Resources

Outdoor Dining/ Wine Tasting Technical Considerations (updated June 23, 2020)

Fire Prevention Requirements

Napa Countywide Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program Brochure

Outdoor Personal Care Services Permits

Outdoor Personal Care Services Application Form

Outdoor Personal Care Services Application Submittal Requirements

Outdoor Personal Care Services Technical Considerations

Outdoor Personal Care Services Technical Considerations

Shared Spaces Permit Program – Using Public Street Parking for Expansion Outdoors 

The Shared Spaces Permit allows business owners city-wide to utilize the public parking space in the street in front of their business for outdoor dining, wine tasting, or other outdoor uses.

This program lets businesses quickly transform these spaces into expanded areas for their business. Businesses will need to provide barricading and design the space to be accessible and address drainage considerations. See Parklet/Shared Space Technical Considerations document for more details:

Because of the rapid implementation of this new program, the City’s review process will focus on ensuring the safety of these new use areas and that adequate, convenient public parking remains available to community members and visitors alike.

How to Submit Your Application

To submit your application:

  1. Email plans and an electronic copy of the completed Application Form to: [email protected].
  2. Mail an original, signed copy of the Application Form to:

City of Napa Community Development Department Attn: Planning 1600 First Street, Napa, CA 94559.

Technical Assistance for Outdoor Use Areas

City of Napa Public Works and Community Development staff are available to help restaurants and other businesses assess the physical parameters for outdoor business permits. The staff team’s focus is on identifying the outer limits of potential use areas that ensure that new or expanded outdoor use areas meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) spacing requirements and other guidelines. Businesses are encouraged to contact the City by email ([email protected]) for more information about this service.

Contact Information

The best place to send general questions is the City of Napa’s Outdoor Dining shared email address ([email protected]). We are monitoring this email regularly and we will direct your inquiry to the correct staff contact.

Additional Contacts

For Planning questions, please contact Planning at ([email protected]).

For Public Works questions, please contact Public Works Engineering Development Services Manager Tim Wood ([email protected])

For Fire Prevention questions, please contact Fire Marshal Greg Fortune ([email protected])