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Posted on: December 22, 2023

Napa City Council unveils new Mission Statement and Core Values

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The City of Napa is proud to announce the formal approval of its new Mission Statement and Core Values, marking a significant milestone in the City’s commitment to excellence and community service. Adopted by the Napa City Council at the Council meeting on October 17, these guiding principles are designed to shape the City’s culture, providing guidance for employees and a transparent reflection of the City of Napa’s dedication to the community.

“These values will inspire us to uphold the highest ethical standards, engage meaningfully with our community, foster a sense of belonging and work collaboratively to achieve shared goals,” said Napa Mayor Scott Sedgley. “These written statements are more than just words; they are a commitment to Napa's future.”

Initiated in late 2019, the meticulous development process involved extensive collaboration led by a diverse volunteer group of City employees and ’ included brainstorming sessions, employee surveys and coordination across City departments.  Team members were nominated by the City’s Executive Team to represent each department. Despite a pause due to challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the effort was revitalized earlier this year and culminated in the approval of the Mission Statement and Core Values in October.

The newly unveiled Mission Statement captures the essence of the City's purpose, stating: "Rooted in public service, our mission is to grow a vibrant, sustainable community for all who live in, work in and visit the City of Napa, through thoughtful leadership and dedication to excellence."

The Core Values emphasize key principles that will guide future decision-making:

    Integrity: Consistently demonstrating the highest level of ethical conduct with accountability and pride.

    Service: Engaging in meaningful work to care for the Napa community through resourceful dedication and humble actions.

    Inclusion: Creating a sense of ease and belonging through respect, acceptance, and mindfulness of Napa’s collective diversity.

    Collaboration: Working together with a shared purpose while respectfully considering all voices to achieve common goals, solutions, and greater outcomes.

“The new Mission Statement and Core Values serve as a compass, guiding us toward excellence in everything we do and fostering a positive work environment for our employees," said City Manager Steve Potter. “We are excited to embark on this new chapter with a clear vision of our purpose and values.”

For more information about the development of Napa’s updated Mission Statement and Core Values, visit

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