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Posted on: June 2, 2023

City of Napa Recognizes City Staff

Outstanding Performers

Each year, the City of Napa presents Outstanding Performers Awards to employees who go above and beyond their regular duties, exhibit exemplary attitudes and embody the values of their department and the City. Awards are distributed to both teams and individuals. The City is thrilled to announce the recipients of the 2022 Outstanding Performers Awards:


    Sean Ulitin, Napa Police Department Lead Officer - Lead Officer Ulitin is the coordinator for the Napa Police Department Peer Support program. HIs duties include coordinating training, managing the counselors and assigning counselors to employees. He understands the importance of relationships and the key factors in a successful counselor/employee pairing. Lead Officer Ulitin leads by example, displaying traits consistent with Napa Police Department’s vision statement of excellence, initiative and integrity.

    Lorien Clark, Transportation Planner II - Lorien spearheaded the development and adoption of the City’s first Local Roadway Safety Plan, which provides data-driven recommendations for improving traffic safety. She also led the Public Works review efforts in the development of the transportation element of the General Plan and completed an update to the Bicycle Plan. In the past year, Lorien has secured more than $2.5 million in grant funds for traffic safety projects in the City, with more applications still pending. Through her technical expertise and dedication, she has created transportation plans that not only prioritize the well-being of the community but also contribute to the overall growth and development of the City.


    Enterprise Resource Planning Team for Financial Module Implementation - This project team represents the core staff responsible for building out the Financials Module in 2022. Many of the team members simultaneously worked on the implementation of the other modules in addition to their regular jobs. Together, this team will have collectively transformed and updated all of the City’s main business processing systems, making them more functional. This leads to greater accountability and efficiency throughout the organization.

o    Prapti Aryal, Senior Accountant

o    Linda Zvarcova, Management Analyst

o    Morgan Simone, Administrative Assistant

o    Claudia Chavez, Account Clerk II

o    Ana Bejarano-Ramirez, Account Clerk Assistant

o    Jessie Gooch, Budget Officer

o    Seth Anderson, Senior Budget Analyst

o    Jocelyn Ramirez, Budget Analyst

o    Owen Hershey, Systems Administrator

o    Donna Lee Lawrence, Account Technician

    Human Resources (HR) Team - Recovering from the pandemic hiring freeze resulted in significant workload for the HR team. The entire team was engaged in recruitment and hiring efforts, both with new hires and with internal promotions for all staff levels in each City department. All City departments have relied on the professionalism and rapid response of this small, but mighty team.

o    MJ Tueros, Human Resources Manager

o    Caitlin Saldanha, Management Analyst II

o    Fernando Salinas, Human Resources Coordinator

    Childcare Heroes: Kelly Bullock and Hannah Ramirez, Parks & Recreation - During the summers of 2020, 2021 and 2022, Kelly and Hannah worked to navigate the changing dynamics of limited cohort sizes, new classroom and equipment protocols and daily health screenings for children and staff. They also rose to the occasion and implemented new policies, procedures and protocols in a thoughtful and creative manner to ensure that local families and essential service workers had access to vital childcare programs.

    Dynamic Daves: Dave Hummer and Dave Youdell, Parks and Recreation - Dave Hummer holds the position of full-time Park Ranger, which, in 2022, was assigned to directly support homeless services in the City. He was assigned to the daily patrol of the area around the South Napa Shelter, Kennedy Park and various public access trails and park spaces. During this assignment, he earned the accolades of the local business community and the numerous property managers who interacted with him on a daily basis. Dave Youdell is Dave Hummer’s supervisor and provided a strong support network for Dave Hummer as they navigated the challenges associated with merging Parks & Recreation services into the City’s homeless services team. He also personally spent time in the field assisting with encampment-related cleanup and Breakfast in the Park events.

The City of Napa also recognized several staff members for milestones in their longtime commitment to public service with the City through this year’s Service Awards. Join Napa in congratulating the following City staff for their unwavering dedication to public service excellence:

Celebrating 35 Years of Service

    Danny Casey, Park Maintenance Worker II

Celebrating 25 Years of Service

    Casey Jones, Assistant City Attorney

    Joy Riesenberg, Deputy City Manager

    Kevin Miller, Materials Diversion Administrator

Celebrating 20 Years of Service

    Ty Becerra, Fire Battalion Chief

    Darlene Elia, Police Officer

    Sean Ulitin, Police Officer

    Erin Kebbas, Water Quality Manager,

    Carlyce Banayat, Imaging Clerk

    Lori Borg, Public Safety Dispatcher II

    Joe Gallegos, Fleet Shop Supervisor

    Bob Barnes, Street Maintenance Worker II

    Jeff Taylor, Electrician II

    Jeramy Nelson, Firefighter/Paramedic

    Ray Fields, Firefighter/Paramedic

    Joe Zapata, Park Maintenance Worker II

    Steve Bradley, Park Maintenance Worker

Celebrating 15 Years of Service

    Omar Salem, Police Sergeant

    Sasha Payaslian, Systems Analyst

    Jason Barnes, Heavy Equipment Operator

    Heather Vieau, Public Safety Dispatcher II

    Denise Davis, Public Safety Dispatcher II

    Bryan Mui, Street Maintenance Worker

    Anthony Kaluza, Equipment Mechanic - Journey

    Kenneth Hurst, Supervising Water Service Worker

    Dean Hanna, Water Distribution Manager

    Corey Johst, Water Distribution Equipment Operator

    Brandon Abernathy, Water Distribution Operation II

Celebrating 10 Years of Service

    Jose Peralez, Police Officer

    Jeffrey Jacques, Police Officer

    Stephanie Gaul, Housing Manager

    Lorien Clark, Transportation Planner II

    Teresa Amaral, Public Safety Dispatcher II

    Bret Leuthold, Construction Inspector I

    Ryan Aimar, Fire Captain

    Benjamin Langford, Fire Captain

    Brian Davis, Fire Captain

    Kurt Nylander, Firefighter/Paramedic

    Ricardo Farias, Park Maintenance Worker III

    Alexander Isler, Park Maintenance Worker III

    Woody Hedderman, Parks, Trees & Facilities Supervisor

    Travis Taylor, Water Treatment Operator

Celebrating 5 Years of Service

    Tony Martignoni, Police Officer

    Gabby Swanson, Management Analyst II

    Kelly Pennington, Control Systems Analyst

    Vincent Caballero, Building Inspector II

    Antonio Mejia, Housing Rehabilitation Specialist

    Ana Bejarano-Ramirez, Accounting Technician

    Paulette Cooper, Office Assistant II

    Adri Newberry, Secretary

    Donna Whitney, Administrative Secretary

    Norma Gabellini, Maintenance Laborer

    Kevin Phillips, Maintenance Laborer

    Karla Ceja, Public Safety Dispatcher II

    Sarah Harcrow, Police Property Technician

    Jacob Vavricka, Water Services Worker

    Gabriel Angel, Firefighter

    Joe Russo, Firefighter

    Michael Nikol, Firefighter

    Kyle Franzoia, Firefighter/Paramedic

    Hattie Hamilton, Firefighter/Paramedic

    Jeremie Hannon, Firefighter/Paramedic

    Zaira Aceves, Police Records Specialist II

    Crystal Brandt, Police Records Specialist II

    Efren Sotelo, Park Maintenance Worker I

    Glen Grimstad, Park Maintenance Worker II

    Vincent Wildeman, Water Plant Maintenance Superintendent

    Jacob Roscoe, Water Distribution Operator Lead

    Candice McKenzie, Water Laboratory Analyst

    Frankie Mesta, Water Treatment Operator

    Casey Martin, Water Treatment Operator

    David Gill, Water Treatment Operator

“We are proud to honor the recipients of the Outstanding Performers and Service Awards for their dedication to serving our wonderful community,” said City Manager Steve Potter. “Napa remains a thriving City because of the resilience of these exceptional individuals, and the many other staff working diligently to serve the needs of our community.”

As the City of Napa continues to advance its hiring and retention efforts, the Outstanding Performers Awards and Service Awards serve as a reminder of the City’s incredible staff and the impact they have on the local community. To learn more about current job opportunities, visit ;

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