What type of retailers does this ordinance affect?

The ordinance applies to all retail establishments defined as any commercial establishment that sells perishable or nonperishable goods and is located or doing business within the geographical limits of the City of Napa. This includes:

  • Clothing stores
  • Department stores
  • Drug stores and pharmacies
  • Local and national retail stores
  • Mobile retail vendors
  • Supermarkets and grocery stores
  • Wineries and tasting rooms

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1. When does the Single-use Carryout Bag Reduction Ordinance in the City of Napa go into effect?
2. What type of retailers does this ordinance affect?
3. How does this ordinance specifically affect me as a retailer?
4. What about the statewide plastic bag law?
5. Do I get to keep the revenue from selling the paper bag?
6. Will any purchases be exempt from the ordinance?
7. Are there any plastic or paper bags that can be provided?
8. Isn’t there a law that requires me to put alcoholic beverages into a carryout bag?
9. What is the City of Napa’s definition of a single-use plastic bag?
10. What types of plastic and paper bags are prohibited by this ordinance?
11. What is a reusable bag?
12. Can I provide my customer with a bio-plastic compostable bag?
13. Where can I purchase recycled paper bags and reusable bags?
14. How will the City enforce the ordinance?