What can I do?

Register your bicycle with the Napa Police Department.  Your registration provides us with the necessary information so that if your bike is ever stolen, we would have a record of the serial number when you make your report.  It will enable us to then submit the information about your stolen bicycle into the law enforcement databases in a quick easy step. Also if you provide a photograph, Officer’s will have that information to search for your bike!

Simply complete a bicycle registration form and submit it to the Napa Police Department, or fill out the online Napa Police Department Bicycle Registration Form. The registration forms can also be dropped off in the front lobby of the Police Department at:

1539 First Street
Napa, CA 94559
Email Bicycle Registration Program

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1. What if my bike is stolen in the City of Napa?
2. What can I do?
3. Why is my serial number important?
4. Should I provide photographs?