Isn't this a waste of water?

The water used for this program is not waste. It performs an essential water quality function and is a planned investment for maintaining the water system. The amount of water used is dependent on the amount of particles and minerals to be removed and the size and length of pipe to be cleaned. With fewer particles and minerals in the pipes thanks to previous unidirectional flushing, the volume of water needed to remove them this year will be reduced compared with previous years. The program is expected to consume just one tenth of one percent of Napa's total annual demand, minimizing the impact on our water supplies while improving water quality.

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1. Why is hydrant flushing necessary?
2. What is "unidirectional" flushing?
3. Who will be affected? What locations?
4. What impacts will residents and businesses see during the flushing?
5. What is the City doing to minimize the impacts?
6. Isn't this a waste of water?
7. Why don't we just capture the water and reuse it?
8. Are we polluting the river with the runoff?
9. If we have any additional questions, who do we call?