What is Measure T?

In 2012, Napa County voters passed Measure T, which will generate almost $500 million over 25 years to pay for maintenance, reconstruction, and rehabilitation of local streets, roads, and sidewalks countywide. Measure T went into effect July 1, 2018, when Measure A (the Flood Control Project) expired, so there will be no increase in taxes for our citizens. Instead, the existing half-cent sales tax will shift from supporting flood control to supporting street maintenance. Click here to read the ordinance.

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1. What is Measure T?
2. How was Measure T approved?
3. How much money will be available for the City of Napa?
4. Will the funds be used to pay for existing projects?
5. What can Measure T funds be used for?
6. How will the City of Napa use the Measure T funds?
7. Who manages the Measure T funds?
8. Who approves the projects for the City of Napa?
9. What is the process for securing the funds?
10. What are the financial impacts to the City of Napa?
11. What is included in the City of Napa’s five-year work plan?
12. Will any of the funds be used for bike facility projects?
13. When will the work begin?
14. What is the City of Napa’s 5-year work plan?