Is there anything I can I do to minimize impact of the proposed rate increases?

Napa’s existing and proposed rates reward successful customer participation in recycling and composting programs that help the City achieve both City and State goals for diversion from landfill disposal. For residential customers, active participation in both the recycling and composting curbside services offered each week by NRWS may allow a customer to drop down from one size of a trash (“garbage”) cart to a smaller grey trash cart (e.g., a given customer might be able to reduce from a 65-gallon trash cart to a 35-gallon trash cart size at a lower monthly rate). This is also true for commercial customers as service of clean, uncontaminated recyclables is provided at no additional charge and service of commercial food scraps and compostable soiled paper is provided at a 25% discount vs. equivalent commercial trash collection rates.

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1. When was the last solid waste and recycling collection rate increase?
2. Why are rate increases being proposed?
3. What are the consequences if existing rates remain unchanged?
4. How do I submit a protest vote against the proposed rate increases?
5. What do I do if I believe that I did not receive a public notice in the mail (or if I mistakenly threw it out)?
6. Who is receiving and counting the protest votes?
7. Where does my trash, recycling and composting go now?
8. Why am I required to subscribe to solid waste/recycling removal services?
9. Will illegal dumping increase with the proposed rate increases?
10. Do businesses and/or tourists pay their fair share of costs under proposed rates?
11. How do the proposed rates compare to other communities?
12. Is there anything I can I do to minimize impact of the proposed rate increases?
13. My household is on a low/fixed income. Is there additional assistance available?