Why are we evaluating our public safety and City Hall facilities?

Our buildings are in need of upgrades and expansion to accommodate the City’s current and future operational, public safety, and disaster preparedness needs. Most of the buildings where City staff work are ill-suited to City functions, in need of significant rehabilitation, many lack technology and energy efficiency and they were not built under current building codes and standards. In addition to the need for significant renovation and modernization to provide critical services to the community, additional space and co-location of services is needed to address the operational needs of the City to provide a high level of day-to-day customer service. Rapidly rising costs to operate, repair, and maintain our current outdated facilities has a negative impact on City finances, which is a growing concern.

Changing needs in community expectations, work culture, and accelerating change in technology, are demanding more efficient ways to provide better service to the public. Due to a succession of earthquakes, floods, and wildfires in recent years, Napa is acutely aware of the need for public safety and administration facilities, which includes the City’s Emergency Operations Center, that are able to better serve our community before, during, and after these emergencies.

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1. Why are we evaluating our public safety and City Hall facilities?
2. What are we doing to address our facility needs?
3. What’s next and how can you get involved?